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A Little Bit About Me

My name is Renate. I am an all round creative person with a big passion for photography.

My love for cameras began at a very young age when I discovered an old 35mm format camera hidden in a drawer by my parents at the home where I grew up in Riga, Latvia; I recall playfully attempting to capture every object around me (even the wallpaper on the walls =). It has been 'my thing' to capture every important event in my life and those closest to me ever since. My old school friends affectionately refer to me as 'the girl with the camera'.

Throughout my years at MidKent collage studying Media I learnt Photography, Filmmaking, Design and Publishing skills. I then went on to study Graphic Information Design at the University of Westminster, graduating with First Class Honours in 2013. Both courses were amazing experiences and have allowed me to really develop my understanding of all the key creative disciplines, but it's back to my oldest passion of Photography where I have since settled.

I put my heart and soul in to my work and strive to capture timeless imagery that's cherished by everyone. From my unique way of interpreting the brief, often hand crafting my own props, through to the finished product (using only the finest printing materials), every process is thought about with deep care and a fine attention to detail.

My photography style will vary depending on the project at hand. When working with little ones, individual portraiture or family photography, I offer more detailed direction (to ensure that the desired look and feel is achieved), where as my approach to an event brief is very photo journalistic, and when capturing more candid moments, I strive to be almost invisible.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment

that’s gone forever,  impossible to reproduce.― Karl Lagerfeld

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